ADCO plumbers in Chester recommend a Powerflush before you have a new boiler installed. A Powerflush clears your central heating system of debris that builds up over time and causes it to take longer to heat up and not work efficiently. It also helps eliminate central heating pump failure, reduces boiler wear and tear and cuts down on the amount of times your radiators need bleeding.

If you are thinking of having a boiler replacement, having a Powerflush will make sure your pipes are free of the sludge and dirt build-up responsible for reducing your central heating’s performance. Many manufacturers insist on a Powerflush before a new boiler installation, and not having one may invalidate your warranty.

There are other benefits associated with Powerflush. You can reduce your energy bills by 25% - 33% and save money on future boiler repairs.  The small investment you make now will lead to substantial savings in the long-term.

ADCO plumbing Chester can offer you a Powerflush service from as little as £260.  To take advantage, call us now 01244 377233 or 07928 333391.