Nest Thermostat

  • Wall Mount or Free-Standing
    Choose whether to have your thermostat on the wall or free-standing on a shelf or unit, if you choose free-standing then you will need the Nest Thermostat stand.
  • Auto-Schedule
    Nest will learn the temperatures you like and will program itself in about a week, creating a personalised schedule for you.
  • Auto-Away
    Nest will automatically turn the temperature down when no one is home to help you save energy.
  • Nest Leaf
    You will see the Leaf symbol when you choose a temperature that saves energy.
  • Remote Control
    Connect your thermostat to WiFi to control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Hot Water Control
    Control your hot water from anywhere. Adjust the schedule or give your hot water a boost if needed.
  • Choice of Colours Available
    Choose which decorative trim you like, available in white, black, silver or gold.


Installation £85 or Supply & Installation £289.99 (Includes the Nest stand)

Please note that the prices quoted on our website are for Nest thermostat installations on a combi boiler and if you have a heat-only or system boiler this would be done on a quotation basis as not all wiring systems are the same and this can take extra time to complete.


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Price: £ 85.00